President Darryl Hixon called the meeting to order at 11:30 am. 

Darryl introduced our guests, starting with Betty McCann, President Illinois Womens  USBC, Earlene Nelson, IWUSBC Executive Director,  and Darlene Baker, past President of the USBC.  Bill Vint, of Windy City News arrived later and introduced.

He then asked each to stand and introduce themselves.  Afterwards he thanked the Greater Rock Island association for their work on handling the activities of this weekend.

On a motion, second by John Duncan, the reading of the minutes of the 2016 annual meeting to be dispensed with as they were printed in the Annual Report, and published on our web site.

Richard Dyer presented the financial reports, i.e., Financial Statement as of August 1, 2017; 2017 State Tournament and the 2017-2018 Budget.  He said that there are copies available for anyone who had not already received a copy, raise your hand and we will bring you a set of the reports.   They are also posted on our web site.  Richard asked if there were any questions, and there being none, a motion made by Jim Bauser, second by Roger McDaniel, to accept the reports.  Motion carried.

President Darryl Hixon reported that it was a rough year for him and decided to be a one and done president.  This will allow Dee to have a term as President.  He concluded by thanking everyone for their support and efforts during his term of office.

Vice President John Cruz reported that he did whatever he was asked to do.  He has enjoyed working for the Association.

Vice President Dee Shonkwiler reported that he attended the following during this term of office:  Peoria Hall of Fame dinner, and also represented the State during the emblem presentation.  Champaign Area Hall of Fame dinner, and represented the state during the emblem presentation.  Relaxed by participating in the Plotner Memorial Golf Tournament in Rock Island.  Served as chairman of the Seniors Tournament committee.  Represented Illinois at the USBC convention in Las Vegas.  Bowled in two local leagues and the USBC Open in Las Vegas.  Attended the USBC IWBA meeting in Champaign, and worked part time at the Illinois State Tournament.  Attended the USBC -IWBA workshop.  Attended the USBC Hall of Fame meeting in Pontiac.  Serving as a member of the IBA team on the transition committee, and accepted other duties, as assigned.

Vice President Jim Zimmerman stated the major focus for him this year was working and going to the Illinois State merged committee meetings.  This committee representing the IBA, IWBA and the youth from all parts of the state.  Met at Landmark Lanes, Peoria, four times during the year putting together the Bylaws for the new Illinois State USBC Association.  He said he came to the first meeting with oh boy what did I get myself into this time.  But left with it’s going to work we can all actually agree on things, , we all actually get along and like each other and we are all there for the good of bowling in the state of Illinois.  One thing we all agreed upon was we want to retain as many of our current programs in each organization but that’s the new board’s decision to make. Just as selecting that board is all our choice on February 18, 2018 at the Clarion Hotel in Joliet.  I have to tell you the people on that committee were the ultimate volunteers and caring people that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Meetings had to be on the weekends with them leaving their families, they drove many miles to come to the meetings, which at times the round trip was longer than the meeting.  They didn’t ask for reimbursement, they were volunteers, all for the good of bowling.  We will need more volunteers like them for the future of Illinois bowling.  Please think about helping.  He attended several HOF banquets during the year which is always an honor for me to attend. If asked, I will attend any bowling event if I have nothing scheduled.

Association Manager Report:  Note:  Dona was ill and unable to attend the any of the functions of this weekend.  Her report was read aloud to the group, i.e., I would like to welcome everyone to this meeting.  I have issued about 69 local HOF plaques, and attended several committee meetings throughout the year. Spent five weekends at the North Sectional of the State Tournament held at Don Carter Lanes, Rockford.  Finalized both the North and South sections of the tournament and issued prize checks to all the team captains by June 1.  Been a very busy month leading up to this event.  A big thank you to Darryl Hixon and his board for all their hard work getting everything ready for this weekend.  No site has been chosen for next year, as the IWUSBC, IBA USBC and youth will be merged by August 1, 2018.  No final plans have been made and we will keep you posted. I am really sorry that could not be in attendance this weekend, as I have some health problems lately and unable to drive for any
length of time.  I always looked forward to this weekend to catch up with my bowling family.  A big congratulation to all of the inductees this year.  Enjoy your evening.




Council Meeting – Page 2


Finance report:  Chairman Richard Dyer asked if everyone had a set of our financial reports, or viewed them on our web site. Those who did not have a set, were given one.  After a chance to read the reports, Rich asked if there were any questions, and being none, concluded his report.


Chairman Jim Zimmerman said that the HOF committee, with members from all areas of the state, met on Saturday, March 4,2017 in Pontiac to select the HOF inductees for this evening’s ceremony.  Prior to the meeting, our Association Manager, sent out candidate resumes to the committee members so that they would be versed on the perspective candidates for they joined together for the meeting and discussions.  The committee would like to thank Dona on her hard work and foresight.  Thanked the members of the committee and advisors for their input and knowledge they showed during the long selection process.  For the selection committee, any member of the committee that was being voted on for possible selection, was asked to leave the rooms and return after the vote. The committee, after a lengthy process, elected the following class of inductees:  Darryl Hixon, Bill Slateritz, John Weiltzien, Mike Nape, Skip Wolfe, Vince Biondo III and Steve Jaros.  They will be honored this evening along with the Star of Tomorrow and IUSBC Director of the year.  This evening, cocktails are from 5:30-6:30 pm, with the dinner at 6:30 pm.  Induction ceremony to follow.  The committee would like to thank the Greater Rock Island County USBC for its hard work putting together this weekend, including the bowling tournament and tonight’s dinner.  Thank you so much for honoring our Hall of Famers one more time.  The format of the Illinois USBC HOF and inductions ceremony going forward will be changing, but I promise you that the committee I serve on will not change, they will consider and induct only the best of the best into your State Bowling Hall of Fame, both men and women and honor them in  the most prestigious manner possible. Finally, the committee urges everyone to look at your area bowlers and if deserving, submit their resumes to our Association Manager for consideration to the HOF.  Forms may be found on our web site (  There has been a change to the deadline for applications for selection for the state HOF.  The new deadline is December 31 of the year prior to the HOF induction year to be consider.  The 2018 committee meeting is scheduled for January 27, 2018.

Chairman Rod Polich stated there were no changes to consider, thus had no report.

Chairman Dee Shonkwiler presented the Senior Committee report.  He said the Senior Tournament was held in later October, early November, 2016, in Peoria.  There were 68 entries which constituted 69 men’s doubles, 84 women’s doubles and 35 mixed doubles.  There were 164 men’s singles and 197 women’s singles.  121 men’s all events and 178 women’s all events.  The next tournament is in Waukegan at Bertrand’s.  Dates are October 28, 29 and November 4 ,5, 11 and 12, 2018.

Tournament Committee:  Dona was absent, but by reviewing the tournament financial report, it shows in detail participation numbers, expenses and profit.

USBC Convention by Dee Shonkwiler.  He said he attended the activities for the convention, and it was lively.  However, for the best recount of the convention, visit the site and it has in full detail all of the proceedings.

Motion to accept the committee reports made by Rod Polich, second by Rich Dyer.  Motion carried.

Motion to adopt committee reports made by Jim Bauser, second by John Koziol.  Motion carried.










Council Meeting – Page 3


Nominating committee report by Jim VondeHeide.  No physical meeting was held off site, rather the business was conducted via email.  Positions open and replies received as to whether they wished to retain their positions, or move up to a new position.  Keep in mind that the positions will be for the remainder of the term before the merger on August 1, 2018.  Jim proceeded, as follows:

Darryl Hixon did not wish to serve another term, and will become an active volunteer.

Dee Shonkwiler to become President.  John Cruz and Jim Zimmerman both wish to serve another term as Vice President. 
District 1 – Keith Korinek and Michael Thompson both wish to serve another term.
District 2 – Roger McDaniel wished to serve another term.
District 3 – Richard Dyer and Steve McIlvanie both wish to serve another term.
District 4 – Phil Sturgeon wishes to serve another term.
District 5 -  no change
District 6 – Darrell Rinderer
District 7 – Henry Vaughn

Active Volunteers:  W. G. Chestnut – Dave Cruz – Jim Hamen – Darryl Hixon – Rod Polich - Jim Vonderheide
There were no nominations from the floor, and each district director(s) had their nomination made by the nominating committee, with a second from the assembled body.  They were all accepted. 
The following board members did not reply as to whether they wish to remain on the board, and were dropped:  Harriet Day, Steve Hartseil, Ron Adcock and Larry Tinsley.

Motion made by John Koziol, second by John Duncan to accept this report.  Passed.

Unfinished business:  None

New business:  Discussion held on processes for the merger to be effective August 1, 2018, i.e., meetings held, including mentioning a meeting set for Sunday, October 22nd, and another in February, 2018.  There were basically no questions from those in the audience, it was like it is a set deal, so deal with it.

Regina Kamin, McHenry County asked when the minutes of this meeting will be available, and told in about a week, plus will be on the web site.

Motion for adjournment made by Jim Hamen, second by Rod Polich.  Carried

19 People bowled.   Scratch winner was Vince  Biondo with a 752; Handicap winner was Tamara Loose with a 761

Star of Tomorrow: Darlene Baker, past ABC President, presented awards to:  Jarod Scents – Sandwich, IL and Ian Ridgeway - Naperville

There were 57 in attendance for the council meeting, representing 16 associations (included the IUSBC board members).

There were 176 at the dinner.  Six of the seven new inductees were present (John Weltzien, Wellington, FL missed his flight).

Tracy Ebarb, head of the USBC Museum and Hall of Fame, spoke about these, and encouraged people to visit the Hall of Fame when in the Arlington, Texas area.   Also, encourage your local association to send in the names of their Hall of Fame people, so they can be added to the Hall of Fame listings.