There were 77 people in attendance, including IUSBC BA Board of Directors, Local Association Officials and guests

23 Local Bowling Associations were represented:

Aurora - Bloomington - Champaign - Chicagoland - Decatur - DeKalb
Freeport - Greater Carlyle - Greater Springfield - Joliet - Kankakee   
Lake County - McHenry - Mt. Vernon -  Peoria - Quincy - Riverbend
Rockford - Rock Island -  Sterling-Rock Falls - Suburban Windy City
Tri County

20 bowled in the Wm. G. Chestnut Singles Tournament at King Pin Lanes.

Prize winners:   1st-Jim Vonderheide    2nd-Tom Adcock   3rd-Luke Horton    4th-Mike Jacobs


President John Duncan called the meeting to order at 11:30 am. 

President Duncan stated that since each person will be signing a check in sheet, a standing roll call will not be held.

Reading of the 2015 annual meeting was dispensed with on a motion by Jerry Ulrich, and second by Keith Smith.  Passed.

The financial report was presented by Richard Dyer, chairman of the Finance Committee.  Each delegate was given a copy of the 2015-2016 financial report, and the 2016-2017 Budget.   Also, mentioned that these have been posted on our web site for quite some time. It was asked if there were any questions, with none on the actual figures.  However, a lengthy discussion was held on procedures from a couple Suburban Windy City USBC delegates, and others, i.e., why does the IUSBC BA provide previously inducted State Bowling Hall of Fame members, two gratis dinner tickets; plus there was a lively discussion how un-cashed checks are handled.  The discussions gave all who wished to comment an opportunity, with the final result no changes to be made in our procedures.   Motion to accept the financial report on motion of Jean Bratkovich , Chicagoland USBC, second by Dick Pitsch, Champaign USBC.  Motion passed.

The next action was to hear the report of the IUSBC BA Officers.  President John Duncan, he said that he attended many Local Association Hall of Fame events, i.e., Decatur, Peoria, Highland, Champaign and Crystal Lake.  Attended the joint Women/men workshop in Sterling.  Found time to bowl in the USBC National Tournament, plus attending the USBC Annual Convention.   Attended the IWBA USBC convention in Rockford, plus a Hall of Fame selection committee meeting in Pontiac.  There was an Executive Committee meeting in Peoria, I attended, which was discussions on the proposed forced merger steps.  Was present for all of the I USBC BA committee meetings, plus numerous telephone calls.  Finally, bowled in the State Tournament, and all in all, drove a total of 6,303 miles attending I USBC BA events, and would like to point out that I did not charge the I USBC BA a dime for my attending the aforementioned trips.  It was enjoyable.

Vice President John Cruz said that he was invited to several Local Bowling Association Hall of Fame events, but due to his wife's health problems, he could attend only one, which was for the Rock Island Area.  He bowled in the State Tournament and under the circumstances, tried to do as much as possible in a very difficult year.

Vice President Darryl Hixon gave thanks to the Greater Springfield Bowling Association for hosting this year's event, which was exceedingly well handled.   He said that he too, had some health problems regarding his wife, which curtailed much of his activities this season.   However, he attended as many meetings as possible.  On the forced merger issue, he said that he believed that with the full co-operation of all the parties, and we leave the ego's at the door, we can get this issue accomplished with minimal bloodshed.

Vice President Dee Shonkwiler said that he was able to attend the Peoria and Campaign Area Hall of Fame dinners.  Was present at the I USBC BA Hall of Fame selection committee meeting in Pontiac, in March of this year.   Dee said he chaired the Joint Senior tournament Committee meetings in January, in Bloomington, and the IWBA workshop in Sterling, in June.
Served as the office assistant two weekends at the Senior Tournament in Freeport, as well as bowling there.  Bowled the USBC National Tournament at Reno.   Finally, attended the IWBA meeting in Rockford.   A great season of work.

Association Manager Dona Reinink said that she had a very busy year, issuing about 75 Local Bowling Association Hall of Fame plaques, and attended our committee meetings thru out the season, including the Hall of Fame selection committee, the Nominating and Tournament committee.  She said she spent five weekends at the Northern section of your State Tournament, held at Stardust Bowl in Addison.  And, finalized both the north and south sections standings, as well as finalizing the prize lists and issuing tournament checks by June 1, 2016.   Dona said she had been very busy this past month, working on tasks leading to this weekend's events.  She gave a big thanks to Gene Rogers, GSBA Association Manager and his board for all of their help in putting the weekend evens together.  As of the moment, we have no association wishing to host the 2017 event.   As a side note: "Go Cubs Go".

Finance Committee by Richard Dyer, not given as it was basically covered when presented the financial report.




Council of Delegates Meeting, continued
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Hall of Fame by Jim Zimmerman.   Jim said that the Hall of Fame Committee, with members from all areas of our state, met on Saturday, March 5, 2016 in Pontiac, IL to select the 2016 inductees for this evening's ceremony.  Prior to the meeting, Dona Reinink sent out resumes' to the committee members so that they would be versed on the perspective candidates before they joined together for the meeting and discussions.   He complimented Dona on her hard work and foresight, plus wanted to thank the members of the committee and our advisors for their input and knowledge they showed during the long selection process.  For your information, any member of the committee being voted on fofr possible induction was asked to leave the meeting and return after the vote.  The following were selected:  Gene Bowker Jr., Chet Brock, Jeff Carter, Mike Jacobs, Phil Sturgeon and Roy Gray.  The Hall of Fame committee would like to thank the Greater Springfield USBC BA for its hard work putting this weekend, the bowling tournament and tonight's dinner, without a hitch.  The format of the Illinois USBC BA Hall of Fame and induction ceremony going forward will possible have some changes, but I promise you that the committee I serve on will not change, they will consider and induct only the best of the best into your state Hall of Fame, both men and women and honor them in the most prestigious manner possible.  Finally, the committee urges everyone to look at your area bowlers and if deserving, submit their resumes' to our Association Manager for consideration.  Forms may be found on our web site (ibabowl.com).  Next year's proposed meeting is scheduled for March 4, 2017.

There was no Legislative or Senior Committee reports.

The tournament report was handled by Dona Reinink.  Dona said the 2016 North sectional was held at Stardust Bowl in Addison, with the South sectional at Landmark Lanes in Peoria.  We had a total of 304 teams, 634 doubles, 1268 singles in the North; and 522 teams, 975 doubles and 1950 singles in the South.  A big thank you to Ann and Ray Ogden for all of their help in the tournament office at the South Sectional  And as always, a great big thank you to Rich Dyer for covering the South.  I had tournament help in the North, with Dawn Stichter and Shirley Collins.  We pay one in five for the regular events and one in twenty for all-events.  Entry fee is $25.00 per person per event, with no fee for regular all events.  The optional events are $5.00 per person, per event.  The 2017 tournament sites are Don Carter Lanes in Rockford, for the North; and Northgate Lanes in Galesburg for the South.  At this point in time, we have 578 teams reserved.

President John Duncan presented the IUSBC BA delegate to the USBC annual convention report.   The convention was held in Las Vegas at the Orleans, April 25--29, 2016.  Delegates approved national dues to increase to $13.00 in 2017, and not to exceed $15.00 by the 2022-2023 season.  Also approved was the "forced merger" amendment.  ALL associations, state and local must be merged by August 1, 2018.  Approved was a tournament rule requiring bowlers to report any previous tournament adjustment/rerate, unless tournament rules state otherwise. Delegates rejected two league rule amendments, as well as rejecting an amendment allowing associate associations to have delegates to the national convention.  Five candidates ran for three positions on the USBC board, with the three elected:  Mark Martin, Detroit, Frank Wilkinson, New York and Jeff Ussery, Kansas.  The will each serve a three (3) year term.  The 2017 National Convention will again be held in Las Vegas, at the Orleans, April 24--27, 2017.

Motion to accept the committee reports by Jim Hamen, second Keith Korinek.  Passed

Motion to adopt the committee reports by Jim Hamen, second by Mike Thompson.  Motion passed.

The Nominating Committee report presented by Jim Vonderheide:  President: Darryl Hixon; Vice President: Jim Zimmerman; District One Directors:  John Koziol and Keith Smith; District Two Director, Steve Osenga; District Three Director, Dennis Endress; District Four Director, John Duncan; District Five Director: Jim Bauser; District Six Director, Tim Rutz; District Seven Director, Gary Ellis.  The Directors are for two (2) year terms.   Active Volunteers:  Ron Adcock, Wm. G. Chestnut, David Cruz, Jim Hamen, Rod Polich, Maurice Smith, Larry Tinsley an Jim Vonderheide.   Their term of office is for one (1) year.

Motion made by the IUSBC BA nominating committee, with appropriate seconds.

The delegate to the 2017 USBC National Convention, Wm. G. Chestnut.

Keith Korinek asked that there be a unanimous vote for the elected board members,  second by Jerry Ulrich.  Passed.

Meeting adjourned at 12:31 pm.

Respectfully - Dona Reinink, IUSBC BA Association Manager